Our purpose at Remnant Student Ministries is to have our students solidify their faith by equipping them to take in, pass on, and move out. By equipping our students to take in the Word of God, pass on the love of Christ through service, and move out to spread the Gospel, we at POJ help our students become not only leaders tomorrow but also leaders today.

To our students, Remnant is the intersecting point where youth are ministered to and to where they are connected with God’s purpose, His plan, and His calling. Students can find a place to grow in successes, overcome trials, and rejoice in His blessings. Rooted challenges students to grow in their relationship with God through discipleship, worship, collective and independent study of the Bible, and clear messages from God’s word.

Members of Remnant are not only joined with an experience with God, but also one with others students. We strive to create an environment that is inviting to all, whether you have a deep understanding of the Bible, or just beginning your spiritual journey. We strive to make Remnant a place for students to grow in their relationships with their families, and fellow students. This is a place where students can be real, and develop relationships that will last for a lifetime.