This is the ministry for college-aged students. This ministry caters to the specific needs of 18-28-year-olds. Whether you’re in college or pursuing your career, this is a time of transition, and transition, though exciting, can be difficult. Your life changes from semester to semester and from job to job. Some of you who are pursuing your career are faced with difficult employment choices. Do you take the great paying advancement out of town, or stay home with less pay?

What about you college students: sometimes it seems like you’ll never get out, and when you do get out, will you be able to find a job? This is the time in your life when you realize there are no guarantees and the only thing you can count on is God. That’s why it’s so important that you stay connected to Him.

Young Marrieds
The mission of our Marriage Ministry is to raise up and strengthen godly marriages. We believe healthy happy marriages are the success of “the” church and its future.

When you have a husband and wife united together as one in Christ—loving and respecting one another—there is NO limit! Our desire is to see these couples fully functioning as God has designed in their marriages, first, leading their families and second, leading and mentoring other couples as they are growing in their relationships. We want to see God glorified through marriages.

We believe this is best accomplished by sharing God’s word together and developing friendships with other couples through community. We make this possible by offering small group studies throughout the year as well as organizing opportunities for a time fun and fellowship.

Ladies Ministry
At The Pentecostals of Jonesboro, we recognize that today’s woman is not only unique and multi-talented, but as diverse as we are alike. We do it all. While we face many challenges and opportunities in our daily lives, we continue to work in and out of the home, we teach, we network, we reach out… Multi-tasking?? We invented the idea.
It is our desire to tap into the myriad of talents, gifts, abilities, and experiences to help meet the needs of others in the body of Christ and to further the Kingdom of God. We seek to build trust, reliability, spiritual growth, love, understanding, and encouragement in each member.

We have many social events for women throughout the year as well as participate in other retreats, seminars, and conferences in our district.

All of our women’s groups, programs, and events are designed to help women wholeheartedly follow Jesus Christ. If you have any ideas for a women’s event or would just like to plug in to what’s already going on, please feel free to contact me at 870-740-3367

Shelley Goolsby, Women’s leader
Men’s Ministry
At The Pentecostals of Jonesboro, we are interested in ‘ministering’ to the whole man. We believe that a strong church requires strong men . . . strong men of God. POJ needs men strong in their faith, strong in their convictions, and strong in the family commitments.

Being a Christian man involves many roles which require a strong set of righteous values . . . that of father, husband, and leader. Being involved in Men’s Ministry at POJ is the best way to evolve your leadership potential and maximize your Christianity within the body of Christ.